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Morning Star Ranch
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Andy's Corner
Rita Kay named our new entrance project, "Entering the Next 25 Years".  She felt that our entrance should be as beautiful and impressive as the miracles God performs.  Many times in the last 25 years we found ourselves overwhelmed, focused on our problems and forgetting to count our blessings.  Over and over again we had to look to the past and give thanks for all the miracles God faithfully provided to get us to where we were.  Yes, we made many mistakes along the way, but there was a good lesson and guidance in each one as God trained us up for what He had called us to do.  We are now entering into our next 25 years!  Dear friends, please do not focus on your problems.  Instead give the enemy a black eye by learning from your mistakes and rejoicing in your blessings!


A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart...Luke 6:45a​