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Morning Star Ranch
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Andy's Corner
As you get older the one thing you realize is - the older you get the less you know.  As you come to grips with this, it seems that everyone is asking for your advice.  Each year we learn so much from the incredible teens that participate in our programs.  It is very exciting to have a small part in their young lives!   Watching the power of God work in their hearts is an amazing honor.  

We watch these incredible teens (who do not know one another) learn, play and work together as a team. They encourage and help each other as they grow to love and honor one another. They bless our socks off!!  They show us, by example, that people with a goal and given the proper training and motivation can accomplish anything as a group. 

I cannot help but ponder the potential for adults. If young people can accomplish so much with so little skill what could a group of adults do?

We have found our purpose!  We need your help!  I challenge you to come for a visit.  Let us know when you want to come. But let me warn you, you better hold on to your socks and get ready for a life-changing time while you are here.

Please pray, and let God show you how you can be a part of what HE is doing at MSR!  I guarantee where God takes you will be exciting!  We look forward to hearing from you!