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Morning Star Ranch
Contact Us: Call 512-455-2552 or Text 979-219-2174
Ranch Rangers Leadership Camp

Teens can advance to the Ranch Ranger Program on their 3rd visit. The Ranch Rangers Program is a 5-day camp available for all teens who want to spend a week learning more about God and his wonderful plans for their lives!
MSR Teen Programs​
Our goal in all of our programs is to instill faith, integrity, responsibility, courage and good judgment in teens for a ROCK- Solid future. 

We strive to teach the value of being an effective leader by offering an assortment of activities including: 

  • Bible Study
  • Art Projects
  • Work Projects
  • Horse Riding Lessons
  • Dance Lessons 
  • Inspirational Movies

Students learn to work on a schedule to complete this action packed weekend. You can count on needing a nap on the ride home.

Hope to see you soon!

-Andy and Rita Kay Isaacs

STAR Retreat Scholarship Program

STAR 3-day Retreat was created to provide financially challenged teens the opportunity to attend a unique camp experience to develop confidence and leadership skills!

Teens are selected by their teachers, counselors and principals for being: 

Hard Working
A Positive Influence on Other Students

These students are rewarded for their good attitudes with a free trip to MSR for STAR Leadership Retreat. 
Local businesses, organizations, churches, clubs, and individuals sponsor them with a $250 scholarship to encourage each one to become responsible community leaders!
Pauleen Hatchretired police officer, graciously traveled from Llano, Texas to be a volunteer judge for one of our STAR Retreat obstacle competitions. 
We need your help!

Sponsor a financially challenged teen for camp - $300

Each $300 donation is guaranteed by God's promise seen in Luke 6:38 to increase in monetary and redemptive value as it advances the Kingdom of God to His Glory!
Returnee Camp

Parents, Family & Friends are invited 
to MSR the last day of each program!

Family Events on Saturday Afternoon:

Family Banquet 5:30- 6:15 PM
Trail Competition 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Award Ceremony 8:00 - 8:30 PM

Spring and Summer Camps Include:

 Meals & Snacks
Leadership Development Training
Bible Study
Horse Riding Lessons
Trail Obstacle Competition
All Other Activities
MSR T-shirt
The last day of each program, teens participate in a 

Trail Course Competition!

Family and friends are invited to join us for lunch and watch 

the trail competition on the departing Saturday of each session. 

Advanced reservations for lunch required!

Unless otherwise instructed by staff, 
all camp forms 
need to be in by 
Friday, May 31