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Morning Star Ranch
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Newsletter: The Morning Star
Dear friends and family,

     We are so grateful for your support in past years. You'll be glad to know that we are ministering to more teens each summer.  We have expanded the program so that each teen is eligible to receive up to 5 scholarship credits to further their training.

      There are so many teens that need our help and encouragement. We estimate that at least 85-90% of our first-time teens do not know the story of David and Goliath. Whether you can volunteer your time and talents or give a small amount, every little bit helps to bring these families to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This newsletter will show many ways to help and increase awareness! Please help spread the word of what God is doing in this neck of the woods. 

     We simply ask that you read through this newsletter and let the Holy Spirit direct your actions.

     With Love and Appreciation,
             Andy and Rita Kay
Give the 
that can change a life!

Your $250 scholarship donation will provide an incredible adventure in leadership training for a financially challenged teen in your community!

Students nominated based on the following criteria: 

• Positive influence on the students around them
• Honest 
• Hard working 
• Going into the 7th or 8th grade 
• Financially challenged environment 

Students are nominated for STAR SCHOLARSHIPS by their 6th and 7th grade teachers. Teens with the most nominations are chosen to attend a leadership development program at MSR.

A $250 donation will provide one student in your community the opportunity to attend! 


Help us praise our LORD for faithfully providing:

*Faithful Prayer Partners

*Consistent Monthly Financial Partners

*Additional Lodging via Camping Trailer Restoration

*New Volunteers / Skilled Carpenters

*Donations for Better Tractor

*Golf Cart


*Portable Welder

*Miracle Tractor Repair

*3 Kid-broke Horses

*Round and Square Bales of Hay

*More New Friends thru Trail Ride Fundraisers

Please join us in praying for:

*Glorious blessings on our teens, volunteers and supporters

*Our Board Members and Advisory Board committees

*Good weather and BIG turnouts for Trail Competitions

*10 - New Star Partners - consistent monthly support of $10 - $25          per month (for general maintenance)

*90 - $250 Scholarships for Ranch Ranger & STAR campers

*3 - Kid-broke horses

*More kitchen volunteers

*2 - Battery operated weed eaters

*12 - HORSE HEROES ($25 per month)

*Faux wood blinds for Hospitality House

*Volunteers to blade driveway & mow pastures
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