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Morning Star Ranch
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Give the 
that can change a life!

Your $250 scholarship donation will provide an incredible adventure in leadership training for a financially challenged teen in your community!

Students nominated based on the following criteria: 

• Positive influence on the students around them
• Honest 
• Hard working 
• Going into the 7th or 8th grade 
• Financially challenged environment 

Students are nominated for STAR SCHOLARSHIPS by their 6th and 7th grade teachers. Teens with the most nominations are chosen to attend a leadership development program at MSR.

A $250 donation will provide one student in your community the opportunity to attend! 


Join us  in praising our LORD for faithfully providing:

*Prayer Warriors, Volunteers and Contributors

*New Friends & Support through Trail Ride Fundraisers

*$22,161 - 2020 Telethon

*Round and Square Bales of Hay

*Volunteers who moved Arena, Horse Barn & Pole Barns

*Use of a new Man Lift (free of charge)

*Amazing Quilt and Handmade Items Donated for Auction

*$12,612 - Diamond Wishes Children's Charity Auction

*Gentle Horses, Tack, Saddles, Grooming Gear and Feed

*Pond Liner to cover and waterproof the Triple Wide Building

*Offer for free LED Lighting when the Arena is rebuilt

Please join us in praying for:

*Glorious blessings on our teens, volunteers and supporters

*Remarkable response during our 3rd Telethon, February 11
          $20,000 - for Summer Camp Scholarships
          $10,000 to star rebuilding Arena & Barn at MSR
          $10,000 to start remodel Triple-wide building

*Dorm Moms, Dads and Kitchen volunteers for all camps & events

*30 - Boxes of flooring to finish floors in the Dining Hall

*12 - Standard size bed pillows

*2 - Riding lawnmowers

*2 - Battery operated weed eaters

*Good weather, BIG turnouts & volunteers for Trail Competitions

*20 - New Star Partners - $10-$25 per month for insurance

*12 - HORSE HEROES - $25 per month for feed, farrier and meds

*Volunteers to remodel triple wide building

*Volunteers to reconstruct arena, barn and buildings

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$746.23 received as of November 2020!

Desires of My Heart
by Rita Kay
When a teen completes four summer camps and has the heart and desire to come back to help new campers, we call them our "ROCK STARS"!  They attend extra trainings to learn the specific chores and responsibilities of each of our four leadership areas.  During camp, seasoned ROCK STARS set the example and train newbies. 

 Together they take total responsibility for their area.  
The four leadership areas are:
*  Kitchen / Dining Hall
*  Grounds / Work Projects
*  Hospitality House / Crafts / Snacks
*  Horses / Tack Room / Feed

They wear red ROCK STAR t-shirts to all activities so that a camper needing help can spot them at any time.

They are the first up and the last to go to bed which makes what we do during camps possible.  With wonderful attitudes, amazing dedication and no complaining, they work hard at least 16 hours a day.  They are a vital part of the program because they have such an amazing influence on the younger teens.

For years it was a huge desire of my heart to do something "really special" for these teens.  But what?  Anything really special cost money.  And where would we get the money?
God certainly moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform!  I believe it was a combination of Matt Smith sharing how impressed he was with the the Ark and God providing Raymond and his son, Mason from Kentucky to build the covered arena that sparked the idea to take them to THE ARK ENCOUNTER in Kentucky!

I put the idea out by text and had an amazing response.  We raised enough to reward our hardest working teens to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum, chartered a bus and give them a little spending money!

Oh what a Mighty God we serve!  May God richly bless all of you that made this trip possible and the sweet folks at Raymond's church that treated us to lunch on our way.